Hello, we’re Gemma and Becky better known as The Gills Gals.

Having both grown up by the seaside, Gemma from Cornwall and Becky the Isle of Wight - we have a shared affinity for lapping waves, great seafood and even better puns. We started this blog as a plaice to help dispel people's fears around cooking seafood and share/experiment with our favourite dishes.

Cooking all seafood recipes from our South London kitchen and taste testing on friends and family, we can say with certainty that these recipes:

  • Won’t stink your flat out

  • Won’t poison your loved ones

  • Will be ruddy delicious

This blog should not only build your culinary confidence but help you to chose sustainable and in-season seafood. We’re pretty passionate about making sure our ingredients are local, for us, this means hitting up city farms and markets to find the best produce. A good fishmonger is far more entertaining and knowledgeable than the back of a supermarket packet.

As well as cooking up a storm, we’ll be reviewing restaurants and keeping a travel diary of our ofishial adventures.

Got a recipe question, fancy a chat, or want to get in touch about something else? You can catch us on email at: gills.gals@gmail.com

We hope you’re hooked, line and sinker.

*We warned you there would be puns.