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An oyster trip to Rock Shellfish

Whilst in Cornwall for the Padstow Christmas Festival, we booked in a visit with Luke Schofield, who runs Cornwall’s only oyster farm Rock Shellfish. Luke was kind enough to take us two Gills Gals for a tour of the farm so we could understand a bit more about how he creates such stunning Cornish seafood.

Eating in Tokyo

Becky is lucky enough to have been to Tokyo twice. It’s an endlessly exciting city and the food is perfect, whether it’s deep fried tempura, fresh sushi or molten balls of takoyaki.

What to eat in the Bay of Naples

Gemma recently headed off on a food filled holiday to the Bay of Naples visiting the islands of Ischia, Capri and then spending a couple of days in Naples. The Naples write up is a separate post – there was far too much food on this holiday for one blog! Here are her top recommendations for Ischia and Capri.

Breddo's Tacos

Gemma introduced me to Breddos. It was a cocktail fuelled night at Dinerama that led to a fling between me and a taco that tasted like none other. I went home giddy from the vibrant flavours still clinging to the corners of my mouth like a drunken kiss. The next day, I found myself doubting if I had met the taco of my dreams. What if it was beer goggles?!

Afurada, Portugal

A short boat ride from Porto across the river (for a little over a euro) from just past the Douro bridge and you find yourself in Afurada. The village is quaint, as colourful as Porto and the best bit: filled with some of the best seafood I have ever eaten.

Nathan Outlaw's Fish Kitchen

Fish Kitchen is tiny but this is what makes it even more special. It feels so intimate and the staff go above and beyond to make sure you are looked after and try everything you want to! Based around the idea of ordering several small plates it’s a great price point for such quality seafood.

The Hidden Hut, Cornwall

One of Gemma’s top picks when in Cornwall is the Hidden Hut, which due to its rising popularity is becoming a lot less hidden. Tucked away on the coast, in an unbelievable setting, the team here are cooking up some of the best food to be found.