Eggs Troyale (aka Eggs Royale)

Eggs Troyale (aka Eggs Royale)

Eggs Troyale (aka Eggs Royale)

Serves 2

Royale by name and fancy by nature. We’ll be upfront, making your own hollandaise is not a walk in the park but you will get there thanks to Felicity Cloake. Classically this dish would be served with ham or smoked salmon but we’ve used smoked trout instead. Typically trout is a good sustainable option, but keep an eye out on your supermarket shelves for the MSC stamps or ask your fishmonger.

This is definitely a special occasion brunch and is perfect to show-off in front of guests or make someone feel extra special. Ultimately it’s a very simple dish that relies on the quality of the ingredients for the best taste so don’t scrimp on your butter or eggs. Don’t be disheartened if your first hollandaise attempt isn’t perfect, with a few adjustments you will get there. That said make sure you have extra ingredients to start again if things do go wrong.

Eggs royale with hollandaise sauce


  • 2 Muffins

  • 4 eggs for poaching

  • 25g chives

  • 100g smoked trout

For 300ml hollandaise:

  • 250g cold unsalted butter

  • 4 egg yolks

  • ¼ lemon


  1. Start by making your hollandaise and make sure you have a vacuum flask on hand to keep it warm. You can do the hollandaise during but we assure you if this is your first time, it’s unlikely it will go right first time and you don’t need the pressure of everything else being ready. Rather than doing our own how to, we’re going to point you in the direction of Felicity Cloake for a foolproof recipe, including what to do if anything goes wrong.

  2. Finished the hollandaise? Well done! Now onto the fun stuff. Bring a deep saucepan of water to the boil (at least 2 litres). Break your eggs into separate ramekins or coffee cups. Once the water is steadily bubbling get your ramekin as close to the water as possible (without burning your hand) and pour the egg out. Repeat for the others cooking no more than 2 at a time. We never use the vinegar trick when making poached eggs, instead grab a wooden spoon and coax the whites over the yolk to keep them together. Cook for 2-3 mins and remove with a wooden spoon.

  3. Split your muffins and toast them.

  4. When your eggs are ready top the toasted muffins with the trout, then egg and pour over your hollandaise. Trim chives and scatter them over the top.

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