Red Curry with Salmon

Red Curry with Salmon

Red Curry with Salmon

Here we have used salmon offcuts, which are a great cost-effective way of eating fish. You can get them from the fishmonger, and for this we ordered from The Upper Scale on Amazon Fresh. The offcuts are the same meat as the rest of the fish, it is just what is cut off when making something like a fillet or side shape. Great for food waste and great for your wallet!

Red curry paste can really vary in strength so do try your curry and add more if needed. We used a red curry paste from an asian supermarket and it was incredibly spicy, and way more spicy than a curry paste from a supermarket so worth bearing in mind.

Salmon Red Curry

Ingredients (makes four portions):

  • Tablespoon of red curry paste

  • 2 cans of coconut milk

  • Inch of ginger

  • One lemongrass stalk

  • 2 dried lime leaves

  • One lime

  • 350g salmon offcuts

  • 100g green beans

  • 50g spinach

  • 50g dessicated coconut

  • Rice to serve


  1. Place a casserole dish on a medium heat, and then add the red curry paste. Cook off for one minute.

  2. Add the ginger, lemongrass and lime leaves and cook for a further minute.

  3. Add the coconut milk and bring to a slow simmer. Keep on a low heat for fifteen minutes until it thickens. If rice now would be the time to cook it according to packet instructions.

  4. Add the salmon offcuts to the curry, along with the beans and cook on a medium heat for five minutes. Don’t let the mixture boil as you want the salmon to slowly poach.

  5. Now add the spinach and cook for a further minute, and remove from the heat.

  6. Put the coconut into a dry pan and toast on a high heat for a minute until golden brown.

  7. Serve with the rice and then scatter the toasted coconut on top. Squeeze some lime juice over each as you serve.

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