Valentines Day Seafood Recipes

Valentines Day Seafood Recipes

Valentines Day Seafood Recipes

Serves 2

Snapper is red, lobsters are blue, it’s a Valentines dinner that’s sustainable too.

If this fish thing doesn’t go to plan we’ll be joining Hallmark in no time. However, we’re not here to offer you Valentines prose, instead we have three great three-course dinner options to blow your Valentine away this year. We’ve grouped them as recommended but feel free to mix and match. As well as our seafood recipe favourites, we’ve also included links to some of our most loved desserts to round off the meal.

Menu 1: Simple Seafood Supper

To start: Bloody Mary Prawn Cocktail

This simple recipe is a nostalgic classic. Either serve on a sharing board as we’ve done or place in cocktail glasses for that retro twist. All of these items should be easily available at a last minute supermarket stop.

Main: Individual Salmon En Croute

There are french words in the name - it doesn’t really get fancier than that. In truth though this is an exceptionally easy dish. Whilst we’d recommend making your own pesto, store-cupboard works just fine. Serve with seasonal vegetables and decorate your pastry with hearts if you’re feeling sentimental.

Dessert: Lemon Possets

We LOVE a posset and often make this recipe for our Supper Clubs served with rosemary biscuits. It is incredibly simple to make, delicious and can be prepared the night before

Menu 2: Feeling Fancy

To start: Scallops, Wild Garlic, Samphire and Bacon

To us scallops are such a luxury. Whilst they aren’t cheap, they are so delicious and perfect for a special occasion. They are easy to cook and this starter takes no time at all. You’re likely to find samphire at the fishmonger counter, however, if they don’t have any replace this with spinach. You can also use cloves of garlic instead of wild, but make sure you cook this off for longer. Black garlic would also be delicious.

Main: Lemon Sole with Brown Butter and Capers

A simple, beautifully cooked piece of fish is perfect. The butter might seem a little unfamiliar at first, but it’s very simple to make and tastes great. Don’t scrimp on the butter in your celeriac mash either, you want luxury here!

Dessert: Salted Chocolate Tart

This biscuit based tart is an absolute winner. We served something similar at our first ever Supper Club and our guests loved it. It’a a Nigella recipe on Valentines… can you really go wrong?

Menu 3: Something Different

To start: Tempura Cockles

These are such a brilliant wildcard. We served them at a Supper Club last year and whilst most guests where dubious at first, so many asked for the recipe. The are incredibly moreish and a really fun starter. Take a step away from fancy food and try these little cockle popcorns.

Main: Smoked Mackerel Carbonara

It’s valentines day so please step away from the value pasta. If you’re buying dried try De Cecco or another more premium brand. This is a really quick recipe so you can show off your skills to your date. Just make sure you let the pan cool before adding the egg or it will scramble.

Dessert: Creme Brûlée

It’s custard with a slightly burnt top… but it’s utterly delicious. You don’t need a blow torch for this dish just a hot grill at the end. We’ve used Felicity Cloake’s tried and tested recipe to make sure it turns out perfect.

Fish Kebabs with Homemade Hummus and Flatbreads

Fish Kebabs with Homemade Hummus and Flatbreads

Scallops, Wild Garlic, Samphire and Bacon

Scallops, Wild Garlic, Samphire and Bacon